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Air Conditioning & Heating Replacement Installation Services

We provide several complete lines of high quality air conditioning & heating equipment. We specialize in quick turnaround retrofits- installing new air conditioning & heating equipment to replace existing systems. We can also add air conditioning to your house- installing a central forced air system in your house that has never had one before! All equipment we install will meet or exceed all industry standards and we will custom tailor options to met your exact preferences.

Be sure and visit the PRODUCTS section of our website. This is a very valuable resource to assist you in making an informed decision.


Duct Replacement Services

Most homes suffer from leaky duct work and poor air flow, resulting in uneven room temperatures and excess dust and stuffiness, regardless of the thermostat setting. We install only industry leading R-6/R.8 Insulated, 3 layer,  Mylar wrapped ducting. We connect your home’s new ducts using our proprietor triple seal process using  a family friendly water based duct sealant, Mylar Metal Venture tape, and a large zip tie called a panduit strap. Once your new ducting in in place we balance the duct system with manual or electronic zone dampers to optimize air flow to all rooms.

The United States Dept. of Energy has published that over 30% of the money you spend to heat or cool your home could be lost out of your duct work into unconditioned spaces like attics and inside walls!


Thermostats and Controls

Models: T5800, T5900


Product Features & Benefits:

• Customizable appearance using users’ own photos
• Built-in nature and holiday themes
• ColorTouch Assistant software make configuring fast and easy
• SD Memory Card makes import/export between thermostats easy
• Engaging screensavers with slideshow, digital and analog clock options
• “Simple as You Want” operation lets user customize thermostat info
• Scheduler keeps home temperature comfortable
• At-a-Glance Screen lets users see temperature and heating/cooling status
• Automatically adjust screen backlight with nighttime dimmer
• Energy usage info at the user’s fingertips
• Security features for locking thermostat
• Customizable faceplates to match home décor
• Automatic daylight savings adjustments, multiple languages, alerts
• Humidification, dehumidification and reheat (T5900 only)


We recommend the Venstar Line of controls

ColorTouch™ is a multi-functional, simple-to-use, richly featured, programmable touch screen thermostat that thinks it’s a digital picture frame. ColorTouch has customizable backgrounds, including the users’ own photos, and more than a dozen preset themes, including holiday themes.

The Wi-Fi Key enables Venstar’s T5800 ColorTouch thermostat to access a home Wi-Fi network. Using Venstar’s smartphone and/or tablet application (iPhone, Android, Blackberry) you can monitor and control your thermostat from the couch or across town!


Compatible with the following model number thermostats:
T5800 and T6800

Our NATE Certified HVAC professionals provide you with top-quality heating and cooling service and repair. We also offer an expert analysis of your comfort needs, top-quality heating and cooling equipment, and skilled HVAC installation. We tailor our recommendations to fit your budget and lifestyle needs. We Pledge Never To Over-Sell or Pressure Our Customers!

We’re particularly proud of providing heating and air conditioning systems that have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal. It’s one more assurance that when you choose Air Force Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. products and our specialized technicians, you’re choosing quality.

When it’s time to enhance the comfort of your home, it’s time to call Air Force Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc.

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