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Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance Services

When your air conditioner is putting out warm air instead of cold or your furnace is putting out cold air instead of warm, your system probably needs to be repaired, but there could be more to the story. In most cases a thorough system maintenance can often save you a lot more money in the long run by eliminating costly brake downs.

All equipment manufacturers require an annual maintenance service to insure long equipment life and the lowest operation expense. Scheduled maintenance should begin immediately after installation of equipment and continue until the system is replaced. A system that is properly maintained experiences fewer problems, and will last longer.

Give us a call today for a QUALITY MAINTENANCE of your system!

Top 7 Reasons To Sign Up For An

Air Force Maintenance Plan:

  1. Pay Less In Utilities. Researchers have proven that heating and air conditioning  system maintenance will lower utility bills up to 30%- This money saved can more than cover the maintenance cost! Basically it’s Free to maintain your equipment plus it pays you even more in addition.
  2. Save Money On Repairs. Minor issues left untended will become larger, more expensive problems later. With an Air Force Maintenance you can Prevent Most Breakdowns.
  3. Delay Equipment Replacement. Equipment will lasts longer with good maintenance. Your heating and air conditioning system is your equipment- keep it maintained to Extend Equipment Life.
  4. Improve Your Comfort. Are you comfortable on the hot days or do you sweat it out? Researchers have found that air conditioning and heating maintenance restores lost equipment output.
  5. Get Service and Repairs Quicker. Similar to frequent flyers bonuses- board the plane first. Similarly, our Air Force Maintenance Customers Receive Priority Service.
  6. Receive A Discount Force Your Loyalty And Diligence. Air Force Maintenance Customer receive a 10% discount on any repairs needed throughout the year. Bonus- reduced filter pricing!
  7. Lower Your Maintenance Cost With An Air Force Maintenance Plan. The cost of a one time air conditioning maintenance is $89. A one time furnace  maintenance is also $89. A two visit, one year Air Force Maintenance Plan is only $150. You get an annual discount of $28.
Our maintenances are based on the Air Conditioning Contractors Of America Certified Quality Maintenance Standards. At the end of every maintenance visit we give you a complete report of what we did, what we recommend, and an explanation of the systems current condition.

Our NATE Certified HVAC professionals provide you with top-quality heating and cooling service and repair. We also offer an expert analysis of your comfort needs, top-quality heating and cooling equipment, and skilled HVAC installation. We tailor our recommendations to fit your budget and lifestyle needs. We Pledge Never To Over-Sell or Pressure Our Customers!

We’re particularly proud of providing heating and air conditioning systems that have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal. It’s one more assurance that when you choose Air Force Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. products and our specialized technicians, you’re choosing quality.

When it’s time to enhance the comfort of your home, it’s time to call Air Force Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc.

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